About DLP


DLP Barbados (Canada) was founded in August 2007 by a group of Barbadians living in Ontario and Quebec to: Establish a Canadian branch of the DLP through which members of the party who reside in Canada may support the Party. Create an avenue through which Barbadians residing in Canada may make a contribution to Barbados politics. Support Barbados through providing financial, human and physical resources wherever possible. Foster and encourage collective effort by Barbadians residing in Canada in the interest of Barbados. Incorporated federally in March 2009 as a not-for-profit organization, DLP Barbados (Canada) has the following objects: To develop and foster community spirit among Barbadians living in Canada. To promote and support social service, disaster relief, education and other community endeavours in aid of Barbadians in Canada and Barbados. To provide opportunities for ethno-cultural educational exchanges to create a better understanding between the Barbadian community and the Canadian community. To cooperate with and support organizations in Barbados whose purposes are consistent with the objects of the corporation. To preserve and perpetuate the culture and traditions

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